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In the past ten years Richard Bosworth has been responsible for adding over £110m of value to the net worth of some 30 SME businesses in the UK. He has also helped business owners and leaders to sharpen their focus and hone their entrepreneurial skills.

In 1983, Richard Bosworth – founder of the What If? Forums – established the first Business Development Consultancy in South Africa. This initiative provided business leadership development services to companies engaged in, or embarking on, change. With a highly successful career in business management, international marketing and sales, and a host of other consulting assignments, Richard is now a much sought-after business and management coach.

For some thought provoking ideas, you can view videos of Richard discussing some interesting topics.

The Driving Force

‘Getting the most out of businesses, and enjoying lives worth living’, is one of Richard’s often repeated mantras, and is exactly what the What If? Forums strive to achieve.

‘We have to challenge business owners and leaders to look beyond the obvious, explore the unthinkable and come up with answers and solutions that create real, sustainable wealth.’

Members of the Forums gain invaluable knowledge, skills and confidence from their peers, as well as from the carefully selected expert speakers. They are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and successfully move up to the next level.

‘Seeing Forum members, collectively and individually, harnessing the power and potential of the Strategic Mastery process, is very satisfying,’ says Richard. ‘By taking the time to assess, analyse and evaluate all aspects of their businesses, members can implement sound strategies that will result in increased wealth and value.

Forum Chairs

The What If? Forums are chaired by highly accomplished business leaders, some of whom are successful business owners in their own right, whilst others are high-level corporate executives

Each Forum Chair understands the loneliness and challenges of top executive positions. They’ve learnt their trade and plied their craft and the Forums are an ideal opportunity for them to share their knowledge and expertise. With nothing to prove, they just want to see you and your fellow members succeed.

The role of the Forums Chair is to facilitate and encourage lively discussion and debate and to focus the group on nitty-gritty business issues. With years of experience, combined with the fervent interest to ‘give back’ to members and get to grips with the problems they face, our Forum Chairs have the ability to ask the ‘killer questions’ at just the right moment. It’s this that sets them and the What If? Forums apart.

If you’d like to become part of the uniquely relevant What If? Forums peer group, or would like further information, please contact us.

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