How The What If? Forum Works

The What If? Forum is a unique peer group of experienced business owners and leaders who regularly meet in a comfortable and confidential setting away from the daily hassles of business and personal life.

The monthly agenda makes provision for you and your fellow Forum members to discuss individual issues and robustly question and challenge each others answers and thinking. It’s an ideal opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with other improvement-oriented members who’ve experienced the same strategic focusing and transforming process.

Strategic Mastery Programme – is at the very heart of the What If? Forums, its a dynamic year-round business development and accountability process designed to enhance and improve the mind-set, focus and results of like-minded business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Strategic Mastery Blueprint - contains pertinent analyses, assessments, strategies and reference materials to provide you with a Sat-Nav and set of tools to achieve your goals in less time, sharpening your focus, increase your effectiveness, grow your wealth and simplify your life.

The Strategic Mastery Sessions - help you gain total clarity of all aspects of your business and your life – what’s working and what’s not, often requiring you to look at things you may not be comfortable addressing and decisions you have been avoiding.

Best Practice Experts - are invited to share their expertise and knowledge, adding fresh perspectives and providing additional tools and techniques designed to ramp up your performance and help you smoothly transition you and your business to the next level.

Business Reviews - at regular intervals, you and your business will be put under the spotlight, providing you with an ideal opportunity to assess your personal and business performance against your goals and aspirations via a “big picture” scenario. You’ll also receive invaluable feedback, support and advice from Forum members who have been there done that and got the T shirt.

Open Forum - each month, there’s the opportunity to explore new ideas, consider fresh possibilities and get things “off your chest” with your peers, business people who know what it’s like to shoulder responsibility and how difficult it can be totally objective in challenging times; helping you to “peel back the onion” and get to the heart of an issue, then giving you the support and guidance that only comes from having been in the firing line.

12 Week Mission – requires you at the start of each quarter to share with the group your key priorities for that quarter and the behaviour changes they are going to make to realize their goals for that period.  It also involves you explaining how these priorities tie in with and contribute towards you realizing your five year goals and objectives.  And, at the end of the quarter there is a full update and review, with the Forum members, of performance and achievements during the prior period.

One on One Sessions – with the Forum Chair, a highly experienced and successful business leaders in their own right, gives you the opportunity to talk in confidence about issues, both business and personal, that are on your mind. Invariable the Chair acts as a non judgmental sounding board, asking the difficult questions, listening and understanding and drilling down into the heart of the issue, while at the same time keeping you focused and holding you to account, often resulting in what seems impossible becoming possible.

The What If? Forums is - a top level learning and development experience ... Try For Free.

Established in 1967, the What If? Forums has been working with national and international businesses, large and small. In the last 10 years we’ve helped add £110m of wealth to a select group of business owners...

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