What If? Forum Testimonials – Members Feedback and comments

Here’s a selection of what members have to say about the benefits of being part of the What If? Forums:

‘The Forum has inspired me to make changes in the way I work and in my personal life.’
Andrew Simpson, Chairman, Mitrefinch

‘Having such a diverse group of experienced business people in the Forum is priceless.’
Daniel Yodaiken, Managing Director, Cyclops Electronics

‘The Forum has made me more a more responsible and accountable business owner… it’s no longer easy to put off difficult decisions.’ 
Garry Ogden, Managing Director, Ogden Fibers

‘In line with Forum suggestions, I decided to shake up my business and put my own stamp on it. This was a real light bulb moment for me.’ 
William Armitage, Managing Director, Armitage’s Garden Centres

‘The Strategic Mastery Blueprint requires you to give serious ‘thinking time’ to your business and engage your people in finding the best not necessarily the easiest solution.’
John Sinfield, Managing Director, Knauf Insulation UK and Northern Europe

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