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The What If? Forums is a performance-based, peer-driven Forum, facilitating the development of business leaders through predictive analyses, lively discussion and debate. Over the last ten years we have been instrumental in adding £110m of wealth to business owners.

Forum members are able to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the heart of their individual business problems and decision-making processes.

The key benefits of a What If? Forums membership are:

  • Master Mind Group – if, like the Forum members, you believe Steel Sharpens Steel then you will understand the value of exposing your self to the rigorous, searing and thorough the What If? Forums process. Ultimately this select group of hard charging business owners and leaders will become your master mind group, helping you reach levels of success that you, even now, may not suspect are possible.

  • Deep Searching Questions – as part of this exclusive group you’ll regularly be questioned about your professional performance, your decisions, your business strategy, your mistakes and held to account like never before. And, it doesn’t stop there, nothing is out of bounds – your health, your wealth and relationships come under scrutiny as well. You will be challenged, pushed and stretched to reach way beyond your current level of success.

  • Strategic Mastery Programme – having a peer reviewed, world-class business strategy is a key driver in creating outstanding business performance and achievement. With the What If? Forums you get the blue print, tools, process, guidance and high level peer review to push to levels you may have never conceived, let alone believed before.

  • Personal Life Enhancement – business success alone is not true success. Achieving in your business AND your personal life is trickier, harder and more challenging – but that is where the bar is set with the What If? Forums. You’ll be challenged and pushed, but ultimately enjoy a richer, more fulfilling life.

  • A Small Select Group – made up of high performing business owners and leaders who have demonstrate a level of success and a track record of achievement in their business and career. You cannot choose to join a What If? Forums. You will only be invited to join if you meet certain parameters of success.

  • Leveraging the Experience – building your world class business strategy the What If? Strategic Mastery Programme frequently requires information and input from your key people to complete predictive analyses, assessment exercises and the business development blue prints. Engaging them in the process invariable leads to fresh insights and inspiration that enables you to collectively make real changes and move the business forward faster and more successfully.

Here’s what members have to say about the benefits of being part of the What If? Forums:

‘The Forum has inspired me to make changes in the way I work and in my personal life.’
Andrew Simpson, Chairman, Mitrefinch

‘Having such a diverse group of experienced business people in the Forum is priceless.’
Daniel Yodaiken, Managing Director Cyclops Electronics

‘The Forum has made me more a more responsible and accountable business owner… it’s no longer easy to put off difficult decisions.’ 
Garry Ogden, Managing Director, Ogden Fibers

‘In line with Forum suggestions, I decided to shake up my business and put my own stamp on it. This was a real light bulb moment for me.’ 
William Armitage, Managing Director, Armitage Garden Centres

Take a look at what our members say to see and hear more.

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