Welcome to the What If? Forum, You are successful business leader, you want to continue to build on that success, to capitalise on it and translate that into a great life for you and your family.

About You

You need time. You are a time-poor, hard working SME owner manager who needs help to create the time and space to build and implement a fresh plan to unlock the future.

You are likely to have been in your role for about 4 or 5 years and achieved some conventional success with your business and sense there is more to come. Until now, you have been running full tilt and have probably run up against “the wall”. Now is the time to step back, take a look at where you are, consider where you really want to be and build a fresh plan that will get you into the future. The plan that needs to be brought out into the open, out of your head. That needs to be stress tested and, most important of all, needs to be implemented.

You may have had a pressing issue that has given impetus to revising your thinking and your plans; you’re concerned about the performance of your business, overwhelmed with too many ideas, too busy reacting and problem solving, being driven by a fear of letting others down, feel stuck without a plan or just want to take back control so the business no longer rules your life, or maybe there has been a shift in the marketplace or changes to your family life are crystallizing on the horizon.

About Us

We have years of experience in addressing and processing these questions and issues. And, we only do so in the context of what you feels is right for you. Once we know and agree what your true ambition is and what needs to happen along the way, we develop with you the objectives, strategies and tactics that are aligned to ensure that your plan stands the best chance of success.

We challenge your thinking, question your answers, bounce ideas off you and get some interesting ones back. We work through the numbers, evaluate your options and help you arrive at a plan that works for you, your family and your people. One that can be shared with confidence both inside and outside the business.

In Summary

You are successful, you want to continue to build on that success, to capitalise on it and translate that into a great life for you and your family. You are discerning, you deliver high quality and so expect it. You are time poor and the business takes up too much of your important time. You may aim to but, may be haven’t quite achieved a great balance between work and living life to the full. You want value.

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