Who is the leader of the Group?

Hi, I’m Richard Bosworth. Founder and Chief Tormentor of the What If? Forum

My story

Qualified as an agricultural scientist but, quit to be a marketer, specialising in business turnaround, with major consumer goods companies.  Risked my saving to set up a successful business development consultancy helping corporate business leaders achieve their short to medium term goals within budget and on time. Now, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them realise their dreams and ambitions.

What Fuels Me

I believe in challenging the status quo, and encouraging business people, like you, to think and act differently

The way I challenge people’s current mindset is engaging in thought provoking conversations that take a fresh look at things, open up new possibilities and generate innovative solutions. 

Oh, and by the way, I facilitate a great mastermind group and provide personal mentoring.  Care to “Discover How We Can Skyrocket Together”?

How long has the group been going?

The group has been together for 17 years, under different names .  It has been the private, exclusive What If Forum for the past 7 years. Membership is limited to 16 and  is only opened when someone leaves the group.  There is only one intake in the year – the last quarter of the year.  This allows new members to get properly settled in before a new person and business joins the group and does not disrupt the normal operation of the group  .

What is the average tenure of members?

8.5 years is the average tenure of the members of the Forum.  More than double the industry average of 3.7 years.

There are several reason for the long tenure in the group.

Firstly, it is operated in the interest of the members, not to hit set corporate membership targets.

Secondly, the format is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the members and not to comply with a fixed corporate format.

Thirdly, everything is open to be questioned, both business and personal, successes and failures, decisions and decision making processes, relationships and performance, nothing is off limits.

Finally, there is respect and empathy amongst members who practice a carefrontational approach.  The best way to appreciate this to experience it for yourself.

Why did the last two members leave the group?

They had achieved their dreams and were no longer directly active in a business having successfully made their exit.

In the last year, one member was asked to leave, because of their unwillingness to take action and move forward. We believe in, and practice ‘tough love’.

What Our Members Think