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The What If? Forums is a performance-based, peer-driven mastermind group, facilitating the development of business leaders through predictive analyses, lively discussion and debate. Over the last ten years we have been instrumental in adding £110m of wealth to business owners.

Forum members are able to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the heart of their individual business problems and decision-making processes. 

Why do people join?

There are six main reasons why people join the What If? Forum, they’re:

  • Looking for a fresh direction
  • Overwhelmed with too many ideas and need a sounding board to get thing into perspective
  • Too busy reacting and problem solving and need help to identify and focus on what’s important
  • Being run by a fear of letting others down – family, staff, customers
  • Feeling stuck without a game plan
  • Want to take back control of the business, so it’s not running their life

What Difference Does it Make?

Everyone is different, it depends on where you’re starting from and where you are headed.  For most people it’s,

They are more:

  • Focused, dealing with the important rather than the urgent
  • Effective, getting things done through others, and holding them accountable
  • Fun to be with in both their business and personal life
  • Able to spend more time with the family and friends
  • In control of the business, it no longer controls their life
  • Confident, about the future and how they and the business will cope

What do I get for my money?

  • A Safe Space to process those too hard to deal with issues
  • In Depth, thought provoking conversations that generate ground breaking solutions
  • A Network of trusted colleagues and advisors that help you and your business develop
  • Solid Reasoning from people who’ve been there and done that
  • Real Feedback, unfiltered truths that provides fresh perspective and opens new horizons
  • Motivation, everyone benefits from having their feet held to the fire
  • Guidance from people who help you chart a course through difficult waters
  • Magnification, the group’s collective intellect focused on your issue results in much greater, more in depth ideas and solutions
  • Illumination, the group throws fresh light on what you don’t know you don’t know
  • Inertia Busting questions to break you free of what’s holding you back
  • Insurance, sharing in the wisdom which turns the odds in your favour, increasing your chances of success

What do members value?

Members consistently value:

  • The fun with and friendship of their peers
  • Being challenged by people they respect
  • Honing their questioning, listening and feedback skills
  • Learning from the guest speakers and other members
  • The freedom to say “I don’t know”

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