“Being a business owner and leader is one of the loneliest jobs on the earth….”

…Which is an excellent reason why you should become part of the What If? Forums, a trusted community of business leaders, sharing a passion for developing and growing their businesses and achieving success.

But what sets the What If? Forums apart from other similar forums, is our Programme. This world-class process enables members to work individually and in the group, to review and evaluate the performance of their businesses and their own personal development.

At each session members question, probe and challenge each other, whilst at the same time analysing and working through important business ideas, resulting in them making action commitments they have to report on at the next meeting.

A key element of the programme is the structured process for the review and analysis of business issues and challenges facing members. The process requires ‘critical thinking time’ to be given to the business, and acts as a catalyst for business growth as well as personal improvement.

During the first year you will:

  1. Meet the Team – You are our guest for your first visit
  2. Start To Work With Us – Learn by doing and contributing to the process
  3. Show and Tell – Share with us where you are now and how you got there
  4. What Direction Are You Headed In – What does it look, sound and feel like
  5. The Story in The Numbers – What your Rolling Annual Totals tell you and us
  6. What’s The Plan – Getting it out of your head
  7. Your Key Drivers – The critical metrics for success
  8. Sharpening Your Focus – doing the right things and doing them right
  9. Make It Happen – Holding feet to the fire
  10. Business Update – What’s working and what needs looking at
  11. Helping Others – You’ve made it!

As you can see, the What If? Forums is an exciting place … a place to explore options, receive honest feedback from your peers – peers you know and trust, who constantly challenge and inspire, as well as benefit from fresh inspiration and sound advice to help grow your business.

Comprehensive knowledge and information is presented in confidence, helping you to understand the questions you should be asking … and finding the right answers.

But don’t just take our word for it …

At What Our Members Think you can see and hear more about the light-bulb moments and astonishing experiences of the What If? Forums members.
The What If Forums founder has been working with national and international businesses, large and small, since 1967, so why not Contact Us now for more information.


What Our Members Think